Fabric to craft Lenço aos Ramos Shawl to be used in rancho folclorico
Fabric to craft Lenço aos Ramos Shawl "lenço de trabalho"
Fabric to craft Lenço aos Ramos Scarf ethnic fabric
Folclore Crafts Portuguese fabric for traditional shawls
Shawls for ranchos folclorico ethnic groups shawls
Portuguese scarf by the meter traditional ethnic groups

Geometric and floral Portuguese fabric for shawls

Fabric for shawl making with floral motifs. Make your own scarf recreating Portuguese folk costumes, w/ ivory background, different colours
COLOR: Red and green
Détails du produit

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton (looks like a soft crepe fabric)

SIZE: 100 X 100 cm (39 3/8" X 39 3/8"))

UNFINISHED - This is not a shawl; instead, it is a piece of fabric that can be used to make one.

COLOR: light ivory background with flowers in different colours:
1- Red and green
2- Blue and brown
3- Camel and blue
4- Green and red
5- Red and yellow

Description du produit

USES: This beautiful piece of fabric maybe be used to recreate the traditional shawls, but you can also get more creative and use this lovely fabric to make home decor projects, clothes, jewelry, or any DIY crafts.

Portuguese scarves, once worn by women in agricultural labour, featured various patterns and colours. Many of these patterns are now lost, although efforts have been made in recent years to recover and reproduce some, often for ethnographic and folklore representations.
The pattern of these scarves is known as "Branch Scarf" or "Flower and Branch Scarves," reproducing, on a geometric background, a branch with a flower." They are replicas of a pattern found in old cotton scarves worn as part of women's work clothing

These days, folkloric groups, both in Portugal and within Portuguese communities worldwide, known as 'rancho folclóricos', are devoted to preserving and showcasing Portuguese cultural traditions. They act as guardians of Portuguese traditional costumes, playing a crucial role in safeguarding materials that might otherwise fade away over time. These beautiful shawls serve as living examples of this commitment

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