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DIY Cork fabric little angel KIT

Original Kit featuring double-sided cork fabric, hanging material, template, and illustrated scheme for crafting a little angel. Available in various colours.
Color: Natural
Détails du produit

Product includes:
- template for cutting the angel shape and a diagram with graphic instructions to assemble the little angel
- craft supplies needed for crafting ONE little angel:
• a square of double-sided cork fabric;
• 50 cm | 20” of cork cord;
• 1 cork bead;

Choose the colour your prefer for your little angel.

Description du produit

Cute DIY project using a traditional technique applied to cork fabric. This original kit provides you with all the essentials to create adorable little angels.  Utilize the included template and an illustrated scheme to craft ornament-sized angels perfect for adorning your holiday tree.

The kit includes 50 cm (20”) length of cork cord, and a cork ball, enabling you to hang your angel effortlessly. No glue is needed – just grab a pair of scissors and let your creativity soar.

The double-sided cork fabric offers versatility, with one side in its natural hue and the other side available in either silver or gold. You also have the option of choosing two sides in the natural cork shade or two sides in silver.

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