Cork beads one-decade Rosary
white and green cotton cord on cork cables
orange and red cotton cord on cork cables
white and red cotton cord on cork cables

Cork beads one-decade Rosary

Original and eco-friendly one decade Rosary bracelet available in various colours. Original and sustainable religious gift available in various colours.
COLOUR: White and green
Détails du produit

MATERIAL: 10 mm cork balls, discs and Portuguese cotton cord

COLOUR: choose between the options available
1- Green and white
2- Red and yellow
3- Red and white

Description du produit

The "Praying for our Mother Earth" cork rosaries and decades, inspired by Pope Francis' call for environmental stewardship, use cork, symbolizing harmony between nature and humanity. Handcrafted by Scout Group 407 in Oeiras, promoting teamwork and manual skills, a portion of proceeds supports their work.

Our 100% Portuguese product, made with cork and cotton, prioritizes sustainability, including plastic-free packaging. The manual crafting, including knot work, reflects scouting values.

CORK: This cork comes from Portuguese forests; it is 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Unlike what happens with wood, when the bark of a cork-oak tree is harvested, the tree is not damaged and a new layer of cork grows back slowly during the following nine years before it gets harvested again.

Délai de traitement

7 working days

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NOUS: 7 to 15 working days

Autres pays: 7 to 20 working days

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