bottle and candle holders made from cork discs
cork discs' wine bottle coaster and candle holder
wine bottle cork holder mad from cork discs
candle holder made from cork discs
unique cork wine bottle coaster / stand with glass jar
small cute candle holder with candle glass
three sizes of candle and bottle cork holders / supports

Cork Bottle and Candle Holder

Crafted from cork discs, these holders, available in three sizes, offer versatile support for bottles and candles of different dimensions. Choose with or without a candle.
Optional Candle: No candle
Détails du produit

Small: Ideal for small candles.
Medium: Perfect for medium-sized candles.
Large: Functions as a holder for large candles or provides sturdy support for wine bottles or glass jars.

Optional Candle:
We offer the option to add a candle to your holder. The accompanying candle size depends on your chosen holder size:

Small: small candle in a glass (as shown in the photo).
25g candle; 4.8cm
Medium: medium-sized candle without a glass (similar to the photo).
12.5 cm x 6 cm
Large: large candle with a glass (no photo, but similar to the smaller candle in a larger size).
165g candle;

Shipping a cork holder with a candle will result in higher costs due to the increased weight of the parcel.

Note: Jars and glass are for decorative purposes only and are not included in the product.

Description du produit

Our candle holders come in different sizes and are crafted from cork discs. Showing that less is more, the simplicity of the design of these eco-friendly holders offers charming and versatile support for candles of varying sizes.

The larger cork coaster serves as a versatile and natural solution to protect your surfaces. It fits most standard wine bottles, glassware, and can even double as a stable base for large pillar candles. Whether you're enjoying a glass of wine or the warm glow of a candle, it captures both wine droplets and candle wax.

We provide the option of adding a carefully selected Portuguese-made candle with your cork holder.

Harvesting cork is a sustainable practice as it doesn't harm the cork-oak tree. The bark is carefully harvested, allowing a new layer to grow back over nine years. This makes cork a renewable resource with minimal environmental impact.
Cork has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Your purchase contributes to the preservation of this tradition. Join us in using cork creatively, and our forests thank you!

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