standing book cover in red burel and natural cork fabric in Portugal
eco-friendly Portuguese gift crafted from burel and cork fabric
jornal cover in red boiled wool fabric and natural cork leather
journal cover in burel and cork fabric with a cork bookmark
various cork leather book covers
jornal book covers crafted from Portuguese materials

Book cover in cork and red burel

Unique journal cover handcrafted from eco-friendly Portuguese materials, traditional boiled wool cloth and cork fabric.
Détails du produit

25cm x 35cm (9 7/8" x 13 3/4") – dimensions when open
Designed to fit almost all books effortlessly, our Cork and Burel book cover adheres to a standard size, providing an ideal and accommodating space for various book dimensions.

Colour: red and cork colour.

Materials: cork fabric and burel & cork cord and cork beads for the bookmark.

Each piece is handcrafted uniquely, and certain details may vary slightly from the pictures. Always remember, this is an artisanal creation utilizing rustic materials.

Description du produit

This book cover blends two iconic Portuguese materials, cork and burel, resulting in a product that reflects the authenticity and charm of traditional craftsmanship. The minimalist design highlights the beauty and richness of these materials, and the bookmark adds a unique touch of originality.

Our book covers and bookmarks will be thoughtful choices for a teacher or any book enthusiast, especially for those who value a sustainable lifestyle and meaningful gifts. You can find more options here.

Cork fabric - Crafted from high-quality cork shavings, carefully extracted from the bark of cork oak trees without causing damage, and transformed into thin sheets. These sheets are then laminated onto a backing support. Cork is an eco-friendly choice, being 100% natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Burel - Rooted in Portuguese heritage, is a 100% wool fabric crafted through weaving and felting in the mountainous region of Serra da Estrela. Unlike traditional wool felt, burel is woven and felted, creating a compact and resilient fabric with a unique blend of rustic texture, softness, and fluffiness.

Délai de traitement

3 to 8 working days

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standing book cover in red burel and natural cork fabric in Portugal

Book cover in cork and red burel