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The happy marriage of cork and cotton!!

by Gabi Pereira on Sep 07, 2023

natural cork with organic cotton fabrics

Get ready to experience the marriage of cork and cotton!

You may already be familiar with cork fabric, a vegan leather alternative created by adhering thin cork sheets to a fabric backing.

However, there's a hidden secret the cork fabric manufacturers have been keeping. They've gone to great lengths to conceal the backing, and you might wonder why. Well, the answer lies in their desire to closely mimic leather and in their reliance on synthetic, non-sustainable (and let's face it, quite ugly!) backings they'd rather keep hidden…

But here at Folcore Crafts we're on a mission to redefine the world of cork fabric. We've decided to rewrite the rulebook by saying goodbye to polyester, synthetic and uninteresting backings and embracing new and incredible materials: organic cotton fabrics and other sustainable fibres like recycled cotton, hemp or linen.

Natural cork pattern on organic denim cotton backings


By teaming up cork with organic cotton, we're offering you the best of both worlds. Cork fabric, with its vegan leather vibes, meets organic cotton, further enhancing the sustainability, ethical sourcing and natural appeal of the product. 


Unique cork patterns with organic cotton  and hemp backings













And that's not all! Cotton is a breathable and soft material, which can elevate the comfort and feel of the cork fabric. It can provide a pleasing texture against the skin, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, extending beyond traditional bags and accessories to include clothing. Just imagine… breathable, cosy cotton combined with the distinctive texture of cork. A true fashion statement!

We can go classic and cover the organic cotton with a stunning cork surface, or we can get creative and play with unique patterns and natural looks, and even vibrant colours, combining the best of cork and cotton. The possibilities are endless, and our creativity will be the only limit!

Cork & cotton fabric 100% plant-based leather alternative with unique pattern.




Cork & cotton provide us with a 100% plant-based and biodegradable fabric, which is much more than a leather alternative. It's a unique and noble material with an incredible range of uses.

It's time to embrace sustainability and style, elegantly wrapped up in one beautiful package. It's a match made in nature and proudly crafted in Portugal. Get ready to experience the magic of this happy marriage between cork and cotton!

And don't forget to explore our swatch book – you'll be amazed by the variety of backings, colors, and patterns we offer. It's time to go shopping and let your creativity soar!

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