Add a touch of Portuguese soul to your business


Folclore Crafts celebrates the natural richness of our materials and the ingenuity of Portuguese peoples’ know-how. We are inspired by the intensity, vibrancy and patterns of our traditional costumes, chintz fabrics or tiles but also by the rustiness and sobriety of our raw materials, cork and wool. 

Arts & Crafts Supplies

We source the most beautiful and sustainable materials for your business, always having in mind that Portugal is the place for diversity, tradition and quality in craft supplies.

We work with a wide range of Portuguese eco-friendly craft supplies, including different cork materials, embroidery supplies, vintage ribbons, wool fabrics and yarns, cotton and linen yarns, craft twines, national fabrics, eco-friendly papers and regional scarves.

Our materials can be used in sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry, macramé, home décor, fashion and many other DIY projects. But also, in so many hobbies, like in fishing gear and even in pets’ accessories.

Ideal for your craft, fashion or home decor business.

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Handcrafted Products & Kits

We offer wholesale conditions for our kits inspired by Portuguese traditional craft techniques, like embroidery, and for our meaningful and unique handcrafted products.

If you have a shop, we are sure that our products would be a success there!

Folclore Crafts’ kits were inspired by ancestral long-lasting arts & crafts like embroidery. A Portuguese idea born out of the passion for our threads, cork and fabrics. Our kits come with all the supplies needed and step-by-step instructions to guide kids and grown-ups on learning a new craft technique.

Our eco-friendly gifts are 100% Portuguese. They were handcrafted with sustainable and locally produced materials. We offer a range of home and personal accessories, including lap desks, valet trays, pillow covers, coasters, book covers, key rings, bags, cases, sustainable lighting options and many other unique products.

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Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Our sustainable and socially responsible handcrafted gifts are rooted in Portuguese culture. We connect local eco-friendly craft supplies with artisans, and artisans with large-scale distribution. We’ll be delighted to design a customized proposal to meet your specific needs.

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