Cork granules
Cork granules

Cork granules

Perfect for pet bedding, natural stuffing, miniatures and more hobbies. Three bag sizes available
PACKAGE WEIGHT: 70/80g, 1lt
Product details

*Density will vary between 0,075 kg/lt and 1.00 kg/lt (note that as this is a natural product, density will vary depending on the cork batch)

Granules with 4 mm to 6 mm - 3/16" to 1/4"
(in case you want a finer or coarser grain, please get in touch)

1- 70/80 g, 1 lt, approx. 2.5 oz, approx. 0.15 lb
2- 350/400 g, 5 lt, approx. 12.5 oz, approx. 7.5 lb
3- 700/800 g, 10 lt, approx. 25oz, approx. 15 lb

Product description

Bag of cork granules, a very light and sustainable material perfect for hamster substrate, toy filling, cushion stuffing and beanbags. It’s an environmentally friendly option for model scenery projects. In miniatures, cork ground may be used to create realist environments. When compared to other natural filling supplies you must be aware that cork will be lighter and you'll have great results with less weight. And you'll have a softer feel than with other alternative organic fillings and many advantages over conventional fillings like foam or fiberfill.

Being very light, easy to glue, paint and cut, it is used in miniature works, recreating natural environments, making them more believable, like simulating realistic terrain. As scenic material it can be used on railway layouts and wargame tables, in modeling it recreates small rocks and debris.

But there are many other uses... Cork grains are used in fishing... in gardening, cork grains help keeping the soil loose (aerated) and humid... in pet care, they are used as natural terrarium substrate, allowing to maintain stable temperatures, obtained by its heat insulation characteristics, and being easy to clean... in industry they are used as fillers, insulators or mixed with other materials.

For many years, in Portugal, cork was used in mattresses. The incredible natural characteristics of this material justify this choice. As the air freely passes through the organic filling it is a great material for this purpose. It's possible to mold it but it does not lose the form. It's anti-allergic and being isolating it does not heat up during the night. Nowadays it is still used by same manufacturers in exquisite pillows.

No problem to submerge in water, unlike many other organic filling materials. I tried it by myself, in a fabric bag, with my laundry and everything was Ok.

Granulated cork is about three times lighter than buckwheat hulls and 7-10 times lighter than wheat grain.

Processing time

2 to 5 working days

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EU: 3 to 10 working days

UK: 3 to 10 working days

US: 7 to 15 working days

Other countries: 7 to 20 working days

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