silver reversible cork fabric by the meter
natural and silver metallic double sided cork leather alternative
silver reversible cork leather
rolled and folded double sided silver cork fabric

Silver double-sided cork fabric

Customizable, unique, and sturdy vegan leather alternative with various thicknesses (up to 2.2mm) and options in both synthetic and plant-based materials.
SIZE: 20x50 cm (approx. 7 7/8"x20")
COLOUR COMBINATION: silver/natural
THICKNESS: 1.2 mm - 0.05" (works as 2 to 3 oz leather)
Product details

- Silver / Silver
- Silver / Natural
* Please be aware that capturing true colours accurately in pictures is challenging, and each screen may display them differently. Additionally, due to the handcrafted nature of our process, there might be slight variations in colours


1 - 20x50 cm (approx. 7 7/8"x20")
2 - 50x50 cm (approx. 20"x20")
3 - 70X50 cm (approx. 27 7/8"x20")
* If you order two pre-cuts you may not receive a continuous piece. In case you want it continuous, please let us know and we’ll send it if possible.

Length: 50 cm / 20"
Width: 140 cm / 55"/ 1.5 yard

Length: 100 cm / 39 3/8"
Width: 140 cm / 1.5 yard for synthetic backings | 160 cm / 1.75 yd for plant-based backings

BACKING: Oeko_tex certified cotton twill
- 0.5 mm; 0.02” (works as 1 to 2 oz leather)
- 0.7mm: 0.028” (works as 1 to 2 oz leather)

BACKING: Coated PU Nonwoven Polyester/viscose
- 0.9 mm; 0.04" (works as 2 to 3 oz leather)
- 1.2 mm; 0.05" (works as 2 to 3 oz leather)
- 1.6 mm; 0.06" (works as 4 to 5 oz leather)
- 2.2 mm; 0.0.9 "(works as 4 to 5 oz leather)

Product description

Our cork fabric is handcrafted in Portugal using high-quality cork shavings. After slicing the planks into thin cork sheets, each piece is chosen for its exquisite beauty. These sheets are then assembled side by side and bonded to various supports/backings. In the case of double-sided cork fabric, cork is glued on both sides, with the backing placed between both cork layers. Thicker options incorporate two layers of backings.

Coloured cork fabric undergoes a meticulous hand-painting process, and a final protective layer is applied to enhance natural cork features. Further insights into the cork fabric manufacturing process can be found here

Our double-sided cork fabrics are not only sturdy but also unique and original materials, making them perfect alternatives to leather in craft projects. Available in various thicknesses, with the maximum being 2.2 mm, these fabrics closely resemble leather, requiring leather craft techniques.

USES: belts, shoulder straps, watch straps or watch bands, jewellery pendants, bracelets, bangles, dog collars, wallets, different leather craft projects.

If you're uncertain about which type of cork  fabric would best suit your needs, we offer a swatch book showcasing all available options, which you can purchase here.

For bulk orders, we offer special discounts and wholesale conditions for quantities over 10 meters/yards. For more information about our bulk order discounts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Processing time

PRE-CUTS: 2 to 5 working days; BY THE METER OPTIONS: 4 to 6 weeks (it's made to order at the factory)

Shipping & Delivery


EU: 3 to 10 working days

UK: 3 to 10 working days

US: 7 to 15 working days

Other countries: 7 to 20 working days

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Return & Refund

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