box with perle size 8 embroidery pastel colours
perle cotton floss Portuguese traditional embroidery patterns
Azores pattern with pastel colours embroidery floss with patterns and embroidery hoop

Limol pearl cotton thread size 8 - pastel colours

A charming box of six perle balls, with the option to include Portuguese traditional embroidery patterns.
Type of set: Set of 6 balls in a box
Product details

COLOURS: lilac; yellow; light blue; light green, light pink; coral.
QUANTITY: six balls, one of each color
BRAND: Limol (the only Portuguese brand producing embroidery thread)
SIZE: pearl cotton nº 8
UNIT WEIGHT: 10 grams (0.353 ounces) per ball
METERAGE: 72mt / 78.7 yards per ball
FIBER: long staple 100% cotton fiber with double mercerizing
BOX: inspired by "Lenços dos namorados embroidery".

EMBROIDERY PATTERN: two patterns, inspired by Portuguese embroidery, printed on tracing paper.

Product description

Our pastel colour selection forms a balanced palette, lending charm and versatility for various themes and purposes. Drawn from nature's serene hues, these colours inspire creativity to convey diverse emotions and styles.

Limol cotton pearl size 8 comes with a fine shine and a silky touch and it can be used both in free embroidery and in cross-stitch. It’s made of the best cotton quality fibers and follows a very demanding manufacturing process implying double mercerizing. All the colors have conversion to DMC and Anchor numbers.

This is the only embroidery thread made in Portugal and is inspired by the need of preserving the secular traditions of Portuguese Embroidery. One of the most important and special Limol's clients are Portuguese regional embroiderers, once pearl cotton size 8 is used in Regional Traditional Portuguese Embroideries like Viana do Castelo and Guimarães.

We offer more sets with different color selections, which you can find here.

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