Burel and cork leather valet tray KIT
Burel and cork leather valet tray KIT
unique Portuguese gift in boiled wool and cork
natural burel boiled wool colours and patterns from Portugal
Portuguese dyed burel boiled wool coloured

Burel and cork leather valet tray KIT

DIY catchall set with Portuguese boiled wool, cork beads and cork fabric. Original DIY craft project.
Burel Colour: 1- White Sand
Product details

This kit includes all the materials to craft ONE valet tray:
- 25 cm x 25 cm | 10x10" piece of burel (choose your color)
- 25 cm x 25 cm | 10x10" piece of cork fabric
- Cork cord
- 8 cork beads
- Simples illustrated scheme to assist with assembly

The finished valet tray will measure approximately 15cmx15cm - 6"x6".

CORK FABRIC is crafted from high-quality cork shavings extracted from cork oak tree bark, it's transformed into thin sheets and laminated to a fabric backing. Cork is an eco-friendly material, 100% natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

BUREL, woven through enduring traditions, is a 100% boiled wool fabric sourced from the Portuguese mountainous region of Serra da Estrela, cherished by mountain dwellers and shepherds. Resembling felt but with a uniquely rustic charm...

Product description

Unleash your creativity with our Burel and Cork Leather Valet Tray Kit. This DIY set provides all the supplies needed to craft a stylish catchall, including cork beads, cork fabric, and boiled wool cloth from Portugal. A creative solution designed to organize your life, this kit helps free your pockets from the chaos of everyday essentials - phone, wallet, keys, business cards, and loose change.

With this kit, you can craft your own valet tray or gift the finished catchall. Alternatively, offer the kit to a craft enthusiast.

If, instead of a kit, you prefer a finished valet tray, simply check out this link.

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